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Indian National Theatre
The history of Indian theatre is the saga of changing tradition and an account of changing ritualism. Indian theatre is an effort of intensifying the social pattern in perhaps the most aesthetic way.
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Chandigarh Weather

42nd Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan


Dates: 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2019
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Newton Hall, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

We concluded our 42nd Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan very successfully on the 3rd of November with some outstanding performances by the invited artistes.

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Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya 2019


Date: Saturday, 3rd August, 2019
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Newton Hall, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

We had a very successful celebration of the rains through music , on the 3rd of August 2019. Aditya Sharma and Jui Dhaygude Pande mesmerised the audience with their presentations of various types of Malhars. The ambience created by the Strawberry fields High school added to the beauty of the concert.

Before commencing the concert, we paid tribute to our senior executive member Sh S D Bhambhri, who left for his heavenly abode , early last month. Indian National Theatre will always remember his contribution towards its growth and development.

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41st Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan


Dates: 26, 27 and 28th of October 2018
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

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Varsha Ritu Sangeet Utsav 2018


Date: Saturday, 4th August, 2018
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, Chandigarh

We had a very beautiful Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya on the 4th evening at Strawberry Fields High School. Anjana Nath presented beautiful compositions in Raag Miyan ki Malhar, Megh Malhar and also sang a rare raag..Meerabai ki Malhar. She concluded with a melodious Kajri in Raag Manj Khamaj , thus presenting a complete flavour of the season. She was accompanied by Paramjit Singh on the tabla and Vinay Mishra on the harmonium. Tarun and Khushpreet accompanied her on the Tanpuras.

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40th Annual Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan


Our society successfully completed its fortieth Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan on the 29th of October 2017. As promised, we provided a weekend of soulful music for our audience.

Some of the newspaper clips are being published today. Look out for the photographs and video clips in a couple of days.

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Music Appreciation Course

(In the lounge of the Aqua marine hotel sector 22, Chandigarh)

Our Music Appreciation Course concluded successfully on the 20th of November 2016.

The first day (18th of November 2016) Introduction to music- brief history of the evolution of music - sound, rhythm- laya, concordant and discordant notes, harmony, melody – the difference between the basics of Indian and western music.

Introduction to the seven shudh swaras and five vikrit swaras – Thaats and evolution of ragas from the thaats . How the different swaras express different emotions and bhaav.

Brief introduction to the evolution of gharanas and a basic information about the popular gharanas (of North Indian classical vocal music) of present times and their representatives.

The speaker of the day was Dr Nivedita Singh .

Day two (19th of November 2016) The different genres of Indian music – light, folk, devotional, semi classical and classical with special reference to the different moods and emotions related to them.

Taal and its importance – the relationship of laya and composition- the different taals used for the different genres of music.

Modulation of sound and how it can enhance the emotional content of a composition.

The speaker of the day was Dr Alankar Singh. We had the good fortune of having Pt.Keshav Talegaonkar from Agra , as part of our audience. He shared some valuable information and experiences with us too.

Day three (20th of November 2016) The different forms of Hindustani classical vocal music: Dhruvpad, Khyaal, Thumri and Dadra - with special reference to khyaal which is most popular in present times.

Aesthetics of music and what to look for in a concert, followed by a concluding performance.

Our speaker for day 3 was Dr Neera Grover.

Our speakers on all three days brought out the basics of music very beautifully, which helped our participants gain a better insight into our classical music. It was a successful event indeed!

Click here to browse photographs of the event.

Click here to browse videos of the event.



39th Annual Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan


On the first day Rajwinder Kaur and Sanya Kulkarni gave delightful vocal renditions , followed by Sahana Banerjee on the sitar.Rajwinder Kaur commenced her performance with delightful verses from the Gurubani in Raag yaman, set to drut Teen taal, followed by a composition in Raag Kalavati set to drut ek taal.

Saniya Kulkarni commenced with a beautiful compostion in Raag Nand “Dhundu bare Saniyan” set to vilambit Teen taal, followed by a fast tempo composition in Drut Teen taal “more karan de batiya” and a sargam geet in the same raag. The ease with which Sanya traversed the three octaves in her crystal clear voice while developing the raag was indeed highly commendable. She concluded with a soulful bhajan - 'payo ji maine Ram ratan dhan payo'. She left the audience asking for more.

Sahana Banerjee started her sitar recital with a composition in Raag Hemant set to vilambit Teen taal followed by a drut composition in the same raag. Her performance displayed her skill in alaap, jorh, jhala, typical of Rampur Senia gharna style. She continued with a thumari ang composition in Raag Manjh Khamajh and presented the beautiful nuances of the raag with perfect ease which enthralled the listeners.

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MALHAROTSAV Saturday, July 30, 2016


In collaboration with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Chandigarh, Indian National Theatre presented a delightful evening of melodies based on Raagas pertaining to the rains, in the auditorium of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The artiste of the evening was Vinita Gupta, a well known classical vocalist of this region, who is also the Hony Secy of Indian National Theatre.

She started her recital with a vilambit composition 'Ve ati Dhoom' in Raag Miyan malhar, set to Vilambit Ektaal. After which she sang two compositions in Teentaal- 'Umadi ghumadi ghan ghor' ( composed by the late Acharya Brahaspati), followed by 'Bol re papihara'. Her various modulations and intricate elaborations during her 'vistaar' brought out the true spirit of the raag and her 'Taankari' displayed tremendous control over her voice.

She continued her recital with two beautiful compositions in Raag Soor Malhar..'Gheri gheri aaye 'set to Ektaal,( madhyalaya) and 'Badarva barsan aaye' , set to Drut Teentaal. The compositions brought out the true flavour of the season. On request, she also sang 'Barsan laagi ' in Raag Megh.

She concluded her recital with a Kajri in Raag Peelu 'Nahin aaye Ghanshyam', followed by a Bhajan 'Parbat Baans mangaao more Babul', which left the audience asking for more.

She was accompanied by Maitreyi and Navya on the Tanpuras who also gave vocal support. Mehmood Khan accompanied her on the Tabla and Rakesh on the Harmonium.

Please click here to see the video clippings of the malharotsav.


Barkha Ritu Aayi' on the 8th of August, 2015


Our organization successfully completed its seasonal festival of the rains- 'Barkha Ritu Aayi' on the 8th of August, 2015. The artiste for the evening was Ranjani Ramachandran, a very promising disciple of many noted artistes of the country - Vidushi Veena Sahastrabudhe, Ulhas Kashalkar, the late Kashinath Bodas ,Vidushi Girija Devi , Vasant Thakar and Ramashray Jha.

Ranjani enthralled the audience with melodious compositions in various types of Malhars. Dr. Arvind Sharma was requested to honor the artiste of the evening.

She started her presentation with Raag Miyan Malhar. A traditional composition -'Jhoome aayi re badariya' set in jhaptaal,followed by a composition composed by Vasant Thakar -'gahar aayo re badarva' in teentaal and concluded this raag with a tarana in 'drut ektaal' which was composed by the late Kashinath Shankar Bodas. Her next presentation was in Raag Gaur Malhar -'Pyari ladsi jhooli' in teentaal, followed by umad ghumad garaj garaj', and ' badariya aayi re saavan ki'- in 'drut teentaal.' She went on to present a beautiful 'kajri',composed by Vidushi Girija Devi in Raag Peelu. Her beautiful compositions and attractive 'gayaki', created a great ambience for an appropriate celebration of the rains!

She was accompanied on the Harmonium by Mohan Singh Rawat, on the Tabla by Khadag Singh, and on the Tanpuras by Khushpreet Kaur and Tarun Garg.


Malharotsav - August 2, 2014

Indian National Theatre presented an evening of musical celebration , to celebrate the rainy season, on the 2nd of August , at 7.00 p.m., at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium, Sector 27, Chandigarh.

The evening featured a young artiste of great promise from Mumbai, - Aditya Khandwe, who is one of the prime disciples of the late Dhondutai Kulkarni and represents the Jaipur - Atrauli gharana. Having received initial training in music from his mother Smt.Vidya Khandwe (Gwalior gharana) and thereafter being initiated into Jaipur gharana from the late Pandit Ratnakar Pai, Aditya showed a fine blend of both 'gayakies' - though Jaipur gayaki exhibited it's prominence in his singing.

Before the artiste commenced his music, her excellency, Rajani Alexander (Consul General for Canada in Chandigarh ) was requested to honour the artistes.

He started his performance with a 'Vilambit' composition-'Ve ati dhoom', in Raag Miyan Malhar, set to Vilambit Ektaal. 'Ab ghan barase' followed in fast tempo, set to Drut Teentaal. He rendered two beautiful compositions in Raag Hameer -'Tende re karan', set to medium tempo Ektaal, and 'Jhananbaaje payalva' set to Drut Teentaal. As promised, he continued with two other varieties of Malhar - Gaur Malhar - 'Pyare Laade si jhoole' in Teentaal and 'Laage re man Guru ke charan' (Teentaal) in Raag Meera Bai ki Malhar. His powerful , yet melodious voice left the audience spellbound. One could see the hard work put in by him in his 'taankari' which he sang effortlessly just like his late Guru,and the potential he holds to go places. On popular demand, he concluded with a Surdas bhajan, originally composed by the late Jeetendra Abhishekhi - 'Kitak din Hari sumiran bin khoye'. Was a good finale to a beautiful evening!

He was accompanied on the Harmonium by Vinay Mishra, on the Tabla by Mehmood Khan and on the Tanpuras by Amneek and Tarun.

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Concert in Lahore - In collaboration with Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts (Lahore)

Indian National Theatre President Sh. Navjeevan Khosla, collaborated with Raza Kazim (Director) Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts and presented a Three day Sangeet Sammelan in Lahore from the 7th to the 9th of March, 2014.The Sammelan featured renowned artistes from India and also Sanjan Nagar's in-house artistes, who performed as a prelude to the guests.

Click here for audio and video recordings of the Sammelan.
Experience shared by Sh N. Khosla (President, INT Chandigarh) on their visit to Lahore

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MALHAROTSAV : Music of the Monsoons

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Malharotsav dated 20.7.13, was an event specially scheduled as every year, to celebrate the monsoons and acquaint the listeners with some of the Raags sung/played in this season. Our artiste for the evening concert was Smt. Priyadarshini Kulkarni from Pune. Before she started her recital, our President, Sh. N. Khosla briefed the audience about the significance of the term 'Malhar' and the different types of Malhars. Smt. Amar Kulwant Singh honoured the artistes after which the recital began.

Priyadarshini Kulkarni started her recital with Raag Gaud Malhar. The Vilambit khayal 'Maan na kariye' was set to Vilambit Teen-taal. She elaboratd on the fine nuances of the raag during her 'vistaar' with ease and then moved on to two more compositions: a drut khayal 'mori baiyan gori gori' followed by a jhula set to adha taal in the same raag. Her next presentation was a 'madhya - laya' khayal in Raag Soor-malhar (set to teentaal) 'Baadarva barsan aaye'. She presented Raag Jayant malhar after this, a raag very special to her gharana - Vilambit khayal - 'Rut badarva' - a very rare composition, followed by a drut khayal 'ab raseela' in teentaal. She sang a beautiful Savan geet in Maaj-khamaj and concluded her recital with a Tappa and Tarana in Raag Bhairavi.

She was accompanied on the Tabla by Dr. Paramjit Singh and on the Harmonium by Sh. Vinay Mishra. Gurpreet Kaur and Ruchika accompanied her on the Tanpura. The programme was compered by Smt. Vinita Gupta.


Music Appreciation Course

Our Music Appreciation Course concluded successfully on the 6th of November 2012.

A three day Music Appreciation Course was conducted by Indian National Theatre in collaboration with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy from the 3rd of November to the 6th of November in the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy Auditorium. All the four sessions focussed more on vocal music. The course was fairly well attended and the course members went home asking for more! We have some comments by the members for you! Click Here to view comments.

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